git - view changes - diff and log

git - view changes - diff and log

Diff staged changes

git diff --cached


git diff --staged

Diff pulled changes

git pull origin
git diff @{1}..

Diff two branches

... A ---- B ---- C ---- D  master
            E ---- F  test

We can use both git diff (to get differences) or git log (to get list of changes):

git log/diff master..test

git log/diff test..master

git log/diff master...test

git log --left-right master...test
< D
< C
> F
> E

Git log formatting

Log with diff (p), only last two entries:

git log -p -2    

One line log:

git log --pretty=oneline

Log with graph:

git log --pretty=format:"%h %s" --graph 

Format log:

git log --pretty=format:"%h - %an, %ar : %s"    

Log formatting options:

%H  Commit hash
%h  Abbreviated commit hash
%T  Tree hash
%t  Abbreviated tree hash
%P  Parent hashes
%p  Abbreviated parent hashes
%an Author name
%ae Author e-mail
%ad Author date (format respects the –date= option)
%ar Author date, relative
%cn Committer name
%ce Committer email
%cd Committer date
%cr Committer date, relative
%s  Subject"

Log without merges

git log --no-merges

Log - exclude other branch commits

Exclude master commits:

git log contrib --not master (or    git log contrib ^master)

Exclude master commits and merges:

git log contrib ^master --no-merges

What added in remote branch, but not in local:

git log origin/featureA ^featureA

These three commands are equivalent:

git log refA..refB
git log ^refA refB
git log refB --not refA

All commits that are reachable from refA or refB but not from refC:

git log refA refB ^refC
git log refA refB --not refC"                                                           


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